What We Offer

Skilled People that Solve Your Problem and Help You Succeed.

Osborne Business Advisors offer specialized senior consultants across multi industry disciplines with deep functional and technical expertise. We understand that gaining access to any resource is an overwhelming and time consuming process which can delay business critical needs. Our Preferred Service Providers can add quick and effective access to industry best practices, new technologies, process improvement and functional expertise.

Our approach is tailored to the requirements of our clients; an organization may need an executive consultant for a specific project that requires a specialized skill set, but doesn't call for a full-time position. Or perhaps there is a senior staffing gap left by someone on a leave of absence, or seasonal fluctuations require someone to step in temporarily. Or maybe there is a new technology that you want to embrace, but you don't have the staff or know-how to handle it on your own. No matter the situation, an Osborne Preferred Service Provider has the skills and can assist in your time of need.

We've Been Fortunate Enough to Work with Some Very Impressive Companies.

At Osborne Group Contract Executives Corp we have been contracted to perform a variety of core competencies across a wide platform of industry sectors. Please click to view our partial client list.

Benefits for Our Clients

  • We save you time and money by bringing you the right person for the job and streamlining administrative procedures such as timesheets, invoicing and reporting.
  • Ability to obtain senior and specialized resources to resolve a problem or complete a project that may not warrant a full-time permanent position.
  • Careful and considerate selection of our candidates includes an in depth pre-screening process by BackCheck™, giving you peace of mind that the hired consultant is skilled, reliable and trustworthy.
  • Access to an expanded national and global network of specialty resources through Osborne Interim Management and our affiliates.
  • Our consultants bring a broad range of industry experiences and provide an unbiased and eager approach to resolving your problems.
  • Osborne management is involved in each contract, providing support to both the client and the consultant should any issues arise.
  • You only pay for actual time worked or the agreed upon project parameters; there are no additional costs normally associated with full-time employees such as sick days, benefits or compensation packages.
  • When the project is complete the consultant leaves the organizational fold as seamlessly as he/she entered it.