The Choice Is Simple

With Osborne Business Advisors, You Get the Best of Both Worlds.

Being a Preferred Service Provider with Osborne Business Advisors allows you to maintain your own company's brand equity while providing opportunities to grow your business and connect with a larger business community.

We understand that as a small business owner it can be a challenge to "work in the business" and "work on the business" simultaneously; you're either busy with client work or marketing to gain new clients, but seldom can you do both optimally. Being part of Osborne Group Contract Executives Corp means you're part of a bigger community of quality consultants. Not only does this increase your network, but it also offers the opportunity to cross-refer business, thereby increasing the value you bring to your clients and augmenting your income through referral fees.

As new business development is essential to the success of each Preferred Service Provider and Osborne Business Advisors as a whole, we are continually prospecting to grow the business and add value to our team and clients. We work on your behalf and market your services while you're active with client work. These efforts are supplemented with a solid marketing platform that includes a dynamic website, social networking sites, a library of collateral materials, earned media and third-party referrals.

We add value when and where you need it; we have a dedicated team of marketing, administration, financial and management support at your disposal. And because Osborne Business Advisors is part of a larger entity, you can access additional professional services for sales and marketing, IT, mentoring, financial administration and meeting space on an a la carte basis and at a preferred rate.

When you're partnered with Osborne Business Advisors, we'll be there to support you through every part of the process; we'll help with new business development and assist with creating your proposal and rate negotiation. When you're awarded a contract all invoicing and administration will be handled by Osborne, freeing up your time to focus on the task at hand. Our errors and omissions and general liabilities policies means that we have you insured when unforeseen circumstances arise.

To become an Osborne Business Advisor Preferred Service Provider you must be deemed to have an existing professional product or service offering which would be of value to our clients. You also need to agree to our pre-screening process, accept the terms and conditions under which you will conduct business with and through Osborne, and pay a nominal enrolment fee.

Benefits of Joining the Team

  • Expand your client network through fellow Preferred Service Providers, Osborne Interim Management and our national and global alliance partners.
  • Marketing on your behalf while you're engaged and making money.
  • Augment your income with referral fees for new contracts awarded to Osborne Business Advisors and Osborne Interim Management.
  • Subscription to a cloud computing service which includes a library of resources and marketing materials and allows you to connect and collaborate with fellow Preferred Service Providers.
  • Connection to a community of other professional advisors and exposure to the senior expertise of Osborne Interim Management Principals.
  • Risk mitigation as all work conducted through Osborne is insured.
  • Available sales, marketing, administrative and management support.
  • A non-exclusive agreement allows you to maintain your own company's identity and website and seek out other partnerships that benefit your business.